• Horses for Courses

      When our middle daughter (‘C’) was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy the Physiotherapist said to us that the best thing that we could do for her would be to get her a pony. At that point in our lives she may has well have told us to fly her to the moon, it was that far from our lifestyle and thinking, but really, it’s from this point that Yonder Meadow was born. We began attending Saturday sessions at The Elisabeth Svendsen Trust at The Donkey Sanctuary, and then soon after began riding lessons at Budleigh Salterton Riding Stables. Taking a child of C’s age and level of disability would be a real challenge for many schools, but Rob and Chrissie at Budleigh made everything possible, and have been nothing but supportive and helpful ever since. C had high level needs from her CP, autism, visual impairment, sensory difficulties and various other bits and pieces, which meant that family life changed considerably for her older sister, and ponies became her solace as well as C’s therapy. We began to realise that we would have to adjust our lives considerably to fit the needs of our girls. We dipped our toes in [...]